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Semester 2 Final-SS6

astronomer person who studies stars, planets, and other heavenly bodies
fable short tale that teaches a lesson
legacy what a person leaves behind when he or she dies
myth traditional story describing gods or heroes or explaining natural events
oracle sacred shrine where a priest or priestess spoke for a god or goddess
philosophy study of the nature and meaning of life; comes from the Greek word for "love of wisdom"
Socratic method way of teaching developed by Socrates that used a question-and-answer format to force students to use their reason to see things for themselves
tragedy form of drama in which a person struggles to overcome difficulties but meets an unhappy end
philosopher thinker who sees wisdom and ponders questions about life
Hellenistic Era period when the Greek language and Greek ideas spread to the non-Greek peoples of southwest Asia
acupuncture Chinese practice of easing pain by sticking thin needles into patients' skin
aristocrat noble whose wealth came from land ownership
barbarian uncivilized people
Confucianism system of beliefs introduced by the Chinese thinker Confucius; taught that people needed to have a sense of duty to their family and community in order to bring peace to society
Daoism Chinese philosophy based on the teachings of Laozi; taught that people should turn to nature and give up their worldly concerns
filial piety children's respect for their parents and older relatives, an important part of Confucian beliefs
Legalism Chinese philosophy developed by Hanfeizi; taught that humans are naturally evil and therefore need to be ruled by harsh laws
monastery religious community where monks live and work
mandate formal order
pictograph a character that stands for an object
treason disloyalty to the government
terror violent actions that are meant to scare people into surrendering
ideograph a character that joins two or more pictographs to represent an idea
Dao the proper way Chinese kings were expected to rule under the Mandate of Heaven
calligraphy beautiful handwriting
republic form of government in which the leader is not a king or queen but a person elected by citizens
patrician wealthy landowner and member of the ruling class in ancient Rome
plebeian artisans, shopkeepers, and owners of small farms
veto to reject
latifundia large farming estates in ancient Rome
triumvirate in ancient Rome, a three-person ruling group
Pax Romana "Roman Peace", a long era of peace and safety in the Roman Empire
aqueduct human-made channel built to carry water
currency system of money
gladiator in ancient Rome, person who fought animals and other people as public entertainment
rhetoric public speaking
plague disease that spreads quickly and kills many people
inflation period of rapidly increasing prices
mosaic picture made from many bits of colored glass, tile, or stone
reform change that tries to bring about an improvement
messiah in Judaism, a deliverer sent by God
disciple close follower of Jesus
resurrection the act of rising from the dead
salvation the act of being saved from sin and allowed to enter heaven
persecute mistreat
martyr person willing to die rather than give up his or her beliefs
hierarchy organization with different levels of authority
doctrine official church teaching
excommunicate to declare that a person or group no longer belongs to a church
monastery religious community where monks live and work
missionary person who travels to carry the ideas of a religion to others
icon Christian religious image or picture
concordat agreement between the pope and the ruler of a country
feudalism political system based on bonds of loyalty between lords and vassals
vassal in feudalism, a noble who held land from and served a higher-ranking lord, and in return was given protection
fief under feudalism, the land a lord granted to a vassal in exchange for military service and loyalty
knight in the Middle Ages, a noble warrior who fought on horseback
serf peasant laborer bound by law to the lands of a noble
guild medieval business group formed by craftspeople and merchants
grand jury group that decides whether there is enough evidence to accuse a person of a crime
trial jury group that decided whether an accused person was innocent or guilty
clergy religious officials, such as priests, given authority to conduct religious services
heresy belief that differs from or contradicts the accepted teachings of a religion
mass Catholic worship service
anti-semitism hatred of Jews
theology the study and religion of God
scholasticism medieval way of thinking that tried to bring together reason and faith in studies of religion
vernacular everyday language used in a country or region
plague disease that spreads quickly and kills many people
Reconquista "Reconquest", Christian struggle to take back the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslims
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