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Ancient India & Chin

Ancient India and China

When did farming villages first start to appear in South Asia? 3200 BCE
Where did these Indian civilizations form? Between the Ganges and Indus river
Where were Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa? In ancient India
Why is little known about the ancient Indian civilizations? We cannot understand their written language.
What were houses made of in Ancient India urban centers? Baked brick
What surrounded both Ancient Indian and Chinese cities? Earthen walls
What did each home in Ancient Indian cities have? A bathroom served by the city-wide sewer and plumbing system.
What was there a surplus of in Ancient Indian cities? Children's toys
What was there a lack of in Ancient Indian cities? Weapons
Who moved into the region and founded the Magadha Kingdom in 1500 BCE? Indo-European Aryans
What kingdom ruled northeast India? Magadha Kingdom
Where did the Ancient Chinese civilizations form? Between the Huang He and Yangtze river.
What did the Yangtze river deposit? A rich yellow silt called Loess
What emperor founded the Xia dynasty Emperor Yu
What was bad about Loess? Since it was so loose it caused the soil to also be loose and changed the river's course which caused massive floods to be common.
What did Emperor You bring to China flood control and irrigation
What was the first documented dynasty in China? The Shang Dynasty
What did the Shang dynasty start? A long tradition of governance, including a hereditary monarchy supported by a complex bureaucracy.
What is Daoism? The belief that if you respect and live in harmony with nature and ancestor worship venerated deceased family members in the hope they would intercede with the powers in heaven on behalf of the living.
Created by: savannahreynolds