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Cooking Method

Culinary Arts Cooking Methods

Transfer of heat from a glowing, or red hot heat source such as burning coals, flames or a hot electric element. Radiant Heat
Changes that take place with foods that contain sugar when it is heated, the sugar turns brown Caramelize
Foods nutritional value Nutritive value
Cooking by direct heat located above the food, similar to grilling Broiling
Baking by dry heat uncovered in an oven, usually smaller pieces of food Baking
Baking by dry heat uncovered in an oven, usually larger pieces of food such as turkey Roasting
Container of food is put into a container of water in the oven to control the heat Water bath
Letting the saute pan heat up first and then adding the oil to the hot pan Conditioning the pan
Food is cooked in a wok quickly and evenly while you constantly stir and toss it Stir Frying
Cook food in a small amount of fat just long enough to brown the outside (browning a roast of both sides) searing
Sauteing where fat is poured off as it forms. Dry sauteing
Food is cooked in hot oil that is deep enough to come halfway up the sides of the food. Pan frying
Process of coating food before cooking, dusting with flour, dipping in egg and then breadcrumbs Standard breading
Cooking foods in hot oil where the oil completely covers the food. Deep frying
Cooking that takes place in the food after it is removed from the source of heat. Carry over cooking
Cooking food over steaming water; the food does not come in contact with the liquid. Steaming
Used for tender foods such as eggs. Poaching
Cooking food at low temperatures where bubbles DO NOT reach the surface. Simmering
Food is first seared and then gently cooked in liquid.(large pieces) Braising
Food is cut into small pieces and then cooked in enough liquid to cover the ingredients. Stewing
Cooking food in liquid just long enough to cook outer portion of food (Done when canning foods such as tomatoes.) Blanching
When a food is partically cooked. Parboiled
When food is cooked all the way through or to the doneness the customer has requested. Fully Cooked
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