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chapter 11 quiz

inuit skilled hunters; north america from asia
hopewell people in Ohio river valley
iroquois lived in villages that consisted of longhouses surrounded by wooden fences
longhouse built of wooden poles covered with sheets of bark; Irqouis
clans groups of related families
plains indians cultivated beans corn and squash'west of Mississippi basen
adobe sun dried brick
pueblos multistory structures that house many
What are some reasons why early peoples migrated from place to place? They did this to follow the food sources.
Describe the Cahokia site of the Hopewell peoples. near present-day East St. Louis Illinois; had a burial mound over 98 feet high with a base larger than base of the Great Pyramid in Edgpt
What was the relationship between earl peoples and their environment? They folloed the food sources and used them for meat, clothing, and tools; adapted to the land and seasons; learned to use the resources of the land to establish their communities
Why was the Iroquois League politically significant? It ended a period of warfare between the Iroquois groups; may also have influenced early US political leaders.
Teotihuacan place of the Gods; capital of an early kingdom northeast if Mexico City in a fertile valley
maya flourished 300-900 AD; sophisticated civilizations; built temples and pyramids and developed calendar; farming people
tikal urban center; present day Guatemala
toltec they were the most significant; high point of 950-1150 AD; irrigated fields; grew beans, maize, and peppers;
chichen itza located in upper Yucatan Peninsula
tenochititlan located in present day mexico city
Why was obsidian prized in Mesoamerica? Because it was used for tools, mirrors, and razor sharp knives
What are some accomplishments of the Maya? built splendid temples and pyramids; created an accurate calendar; developed farming; developed a system of city-states created a sophisticated writing system
What are the roles of women in the Aztec Empire? allowed to own and inherit propery to enter into contracts and become priestesses; expected to work in home weave textiles and raise children
Nazca perserved some aspects if chavin culture; no great temples; practices religion outdoors
maize corn
inca small community in area of cuzco; launched campaign of conquest; ruler
cuzco located 11000 feet in the montains of southern peru
pachacuti leader who launched campaign of conquest
machu piccu elevatimn of 8000 feet; built on a lofty hilltop surrounded by mountain peaks far above Urabamba river;
quipu system of knotted string
What does the Moche pottery tell of their culture? portrays warriors, prisoners and sacrifacial victims
What are the roles of women in Inca society? they were to care for their children and weave cloth; serve as priestesses
How did Pachacutis system of political organization contribute to the success of the Inca empire? the empire was divided into successively smaller units with levels of local leadership that pledged loyalty to the emperor
How did the Incas quipu serve their needs for record-keeping? They used these knotted string to keep records
Why did King Ahuizotl pray to the god Huitzilopchtli? to thank Huitzilopotchli for supporting his victory
On what points do Ahuizotl and Cortes agree om their description of Aztex religious beliefs? that the aztec feel their gods are powerful
Created by: rees417