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Acts 1815-1821

Harsh and repressive Acts and legislation that Lord Liverpool passed.

The Corn Law 1815 Guaranteed protection of wheat prices for the agricultural land owners interest. £4 per quarter tonne. It was so they could keep making high profits like they had during the war. Working class not able to afford to buy food still. Cross peasants.
Income Tax Repeal 1816 Upper class + aristocracy payed the most tax because it was aimed to get the most money from those sorts of people. Thought no longer had to pay it as their was no war. Got taxes from working class indirectly from beer etc. Cross peasants.
The Game Laws 1816 Poaching now was punished bu up to 7 years imprisonment or transportation to Australia. Peasants saw gathering food from land was legitimate and okay to feed ones own family.
The suspension of the Habeas Corpus March 1917 Was a reaction to the Spa Fields meetings in December 1916. By suspending this the Government had allowed themselves to arrest anybody on suspicion of planning or committing radical activity. This Act was used sparingly.
The Six Acts December 1819 Introduced as a response to events in Manchester in 1819. Were an attack on any threat to State. For example, restricting the activities of the radical press and the speeding up of the judicial process.
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