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Module 13

People And Empires In The Americas

Where was the Mayan civilization developed? Developed in today's southern Mexico and Northern Central America.
How long did the Mayan civilization last? It lasted 650 years.
What is one large city the Mayans built? One city they built is Tikal.
What was the Social Class Structure in the Mayan civilization? Warriors and priests, the middle group of the social class was made up of merchants and craft workers, and the bottom class.
What was the center of the Maya society? The center of the Maya society was their religion.
What was a clan like? They were linked to others who shared a common ancestor.
What is a totem? A natural object or animal that a person, clan, or family uses to show its identity.
What did the Hohokam people do? They found a way to irrigate their crops, developed pottery, and baskets from contact with the Mesoamerican people.
How many people can be housed in the largest pueblo? About 1000 people.
What group usually fought for their land? Native Americans.
What made the Mayas and Aztecs barbaric civilizations? They both had human sacrifices.
What led to the decline of both the Aztec and Inca Empire’s? The Spanish conquered them with their superior technology.
What was the main achievement of the Northwestern tribes? The political alliances.
What did the earliest Native Americans live as? Hunters and food gatherers.
How were the Mayans and Aztecs similar? One similarity is the architecture because of the temples they built.
How were the Mayans and Aztecs different? A difference was that Mayans had God-Kings that were leaders of the city-states while the Aztecs had God-King leaders of the entire empire.
How did the Maya civilization come to a decline? Overuse of natural resources, warfare between the different city-states, and they lost faith in their king.
What are pueblos? Villages of apartment-style compounds made of adobe, stone, and clay.
What were the main similarities between Native American cultures? Respect for land, family, trade, belief in nature spirits.
How did Native American cultures view the land that they lived on? They showed respect for the land.
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