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Imperial Japan

Imperial Japan Vocabulary

Imperialism Extending country's power through diplomacy or military force
Meiji Restoration Emperor Meiji comes to power at age 15, restoration of emperor.
Tokugawa Shogunate Shogunate that closes Japan until U.S. forces them to open up the country.
Sino-Japanese War War between China and Japan after they both want to occupy Korea. Japan is victorious.
Russo-Japanese War War between Russia and Japan, Japan successful, but extremely costly for Japan. U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt sets up peace treaty.
Matthew Perry U.S. Commodore that arrived at Japan to convince them to open the country. Used gunboat diplomacy to force Japan to open country
Emperor Meiji First emperor after the Meiji Restoration. Modernized Japan and changed Japan from feudal society fo imperialistic society.
Twenty-One Demands Demands that Japan sent to China to give Japan regional ascendancy above China. China resisted, caused ill feelings and distrust.
Four-Power Pact Pact between Japan, Great Britain, US, and France.
Five-Power Limitation Treaty Treaty that set limits to battleships.
Westernization Society adopts western cultures.
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