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Medieval Church

Pope leader of the Roman Catholic Church
Monk a male who devoted his life to spiritual goals
Nuns a women who devoted her life to spiritual goals
Monastery a religious community where monks lived, worked & worshipped
Literacy the ability to read and write
Sacraments the sacred rites and rituals of the Christian Church
Tithe a tax paid to the church equal to 1/10 of a person's earnings
Excommunication to be excluded from the church community and denied the sacraments
Doom Painting a picture showing what heaven and hell were like
Secular non-religious
Pilgrimage a journey to a holy place
pagan a follower of a polytheistic religion
Christiandom the large community of Christians spread across the world.
Missionary a person who tries to convert people to a particular religion
Illuminated Manuscript beautifully illustrated writings of bible scenes created by monks
Convent a religious community where nuns lived, worked & worshipped
Priest served and taught in the local church, administered the sacraments, church and collected tithes
Bishop supervised & ordained priests and settled disputes
Archbishop supervised bishops, advised & elected popes
purgatory a temporary place of punishment between heaven and hell where some souls must go to purify before being accepted into heaven
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