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Module 9

Empires In East Asia

What is the main idea of Ancient China? Tang and Song China. The era of prosperity.
Who was the first emperor of the Sui Dynasty? It was Wendi.
What happened in the year 960? A general named Taizu reunited China and proclaimed himself the first Song emperor.
About how long did the Tang and Song Dynasty last? They each lasted about three centuries.
What is a gentry? A class of powerful, well-to-people.
What was the status of women? It was very low and it would get worse.
What did the Korean's mainly adapt? They mainly adapted culture.
Who founded the first Korean state. It was founded by Tan'gun.
What was Korea's geography like? It was on a peninsula that juts out from the Asian mainland toward Japan. It is about the same size as Utah.
Where were the Nomadic people from? They were from Northeast Asia.
What is something that happened during the period of Chinese civilization? Korean tribes began to gather together into federations.
What was the Three Rival Kingdoms? Silla, Koguryo, and Paekche.
Who founded the Koryo Dynasty? Wang Kon.
Created by: 23abatraki