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Classical Greece L4

SS Ch. 12, Lesson 4 6th Grade

The Greek's first drama form was the ... tragedy
Which Greek philosopher founded a famous academy that lasted 900 years? Plato
What is a written work designed for actors to perform? drama
Greek dramas were part of what kind of festival? religious
All actors were ... men
What were common themes of drama? love, war, and hate
Comedies of made fun of ... politics and important people
Who was a famous playwright for comedy? Aristophanes
Who created the statue of Athen for the Parthenon? Phidias
What did Greek artists try to capture in their artwork? the ideal (perfection)
What are two key features of Greek architecture? columns and pediments
What is a pediment? the space between the top of a column and the roof
Who has been called the "Father of History"? Herodotus
What book about the Persian Wars was written by Herodotus? History
Which author used documents and eyewitness accounts to document the Peloponnesian War? Thucydides
Greeks developed this subject to study basic truths and ideas about the universe. philosophy
What two basic ideas did Greek philosophers have about the universe? the universe is orderly and people could understand these laws
Which philosopher asked his students questions in a special teaching method? Socrates
This philosopher was Socrates's best student. Plato
What book did Plato write? The Republic
Aristotle invented a method of debate that followed what kind of rules? logic
Why is Hellenistic science so important? These scholars preserved and expanded scientific and mathematical knowledge.
Who estimated the circumference around the Earth? Eratosthenes
Which scientist studies the relationship of the sun, moon, and Earth? Aristarchus
Which scientist thought Earth was at the center of the universe? Ptolemy
Who created geometry? Euclid
Who explained the law of the lever and developed the compound pulley? Archimedes
The ideas of Archimedes were used to build future ... pumps and the steam engine
What was the name of the important female astronomer and mathematician who taught in Alexandria? Hypatia
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