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Session 2 Microbio2a

Microbiology -2a- Intro bacterial cell structure

What can bacteria due that no other organism is capable of fixing inorganic nitrogen
Why do microorganisms make great study buddies grow fast, small, inexpensive, easy and same genetically as higher organisms
What are the 3 domains of classification Bacteria, Archaea, Eucarya
Which domains are prokaryotes bacteria and archaea
What distinguishes eucarya from prokaryotes eukaryotes have true nucleus and cellular organelles, Prokaryotes have nucleoid
What are the characteristics of bacteria single celled prokaryotes, with peptidoglycan cell wall. Nucleoid
How do bacteria & archaea multiply binary fission
how to bacteria move flagella
How are bacteria & archaea classified by shape rods, cocci, spirillum
What is a unique characteristic of bacteria Peptidoglycan cell wall
How are archaea different than bacteria live in extreme conditions and have different cell membrane composition
Where do viruses fit into the three domains they don't
what are the characteristics of viruses nucleic acid surrounded by protein, obligate intracellular parasites,
which of the three domains can viruses infect all three bacteria, archaea, eucarya.
What is a prion rogue protein, somehow it can replicate who knows how.
What diseases do prions cause Kreutzfeld-jakobs disease, Scrapie, Mad Cow, Kuru (spongiform encephalopathies)
What is bacterial chromosome like 1 circular dsDNA supercoiled, located in nucleoid.
What is a plasmid smaller circular pieces of dsDNA, antibiotic resistance, plasmids can transfer between bacteria
What is the size of the bacterial ribosome subunits and the complete ribosome 30s and 50s subunits, and 70s
Do bacteria have same ribosome as eucarya no Bacteria is 70s and eucarya is 80s
why is it significant that bacteria have a different ribosome than eucarya allows for developing drugs that affect bacteria without harming human host.
What significant energy process takes place at the cytoplasmic membrane in bacteria Electron transport
What is the term for the fact that receptor proteins are always changing positions Fluid mosaic model
What is the bacteria cell wall made of Peptidoglycan
What are the two subunits of Peptidoglycan N-acetylmuramic acid (NAM) N-acetylglucosamine (NAG) linked by glycan
What are the two divisions of bacteria based on cell wall Gram negative and Gram positive
What is Gram Positive cell wall like and what is the principle component thick peptidoglycan with teichoic acid which are neg charged
What is Gram Negative cell wall like thin layer of peptidoglycan surrounded by outer membrane
what is the space between outer membrane and the cytoplasmic membrane periplasmic space filled with thich gel called periplasm filled with proteins for nutrient degradation and transport
What is the gram negative outer membrane made of and what is it purpose lipopolysaccharides which act as extra barrier with porins that allow only certain nutrients in.
What are the bacteria that don't fall into Gram negative and Gram positive Mycobacterium Sp. and Mycoplasma sp.
How are mycobacterium Sp and Mycoplasma sp. different mycobacterium sp have peptidoglycan with waxlike lipids that require it be stained with and acid-fast stain Mycoplasma sp no peptidoglycan cell wall, have steroids in their membranes
What is the characteristics of LPS toxic, endotoxin, composed of Lipid-A (anchor) and O-specific polysacharide side chain-
In LPS membrane what do the O-specific polysacharide side chain allow they are unique combinations of sugars which allow for indentification of bacteria species
What problems can LPS membrane cause stimulate immune response, cause fever and shock, alot of it can cause DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation)
What is the glycocalyx and what else is it called and give an example gel like layer that protects and allows attachment. also called slime and capusle. made of dextrans and glucans. Can make Biofilms and PLAQUE
What is a Flagella and its part used for motility made of filament, hook and basal body
What is chemotaxis movement away from chemical repellants and toward attractants, find food and avoid toxins
What are pili shorter thinner used for attachment also called fimbriae
What is the sex pili used for used in conjugation allows transfer of DNA from one bacteria to another
What are storage granules for storing glycogen, poly-betas hydroxybutyrate, volutin can store phosphates
what is volutin good for since they store phosphates they are good for water treatment to remove pollutants
What is an endospore and what are they like dormant cell that is not active they can survive high heat, dessication, toxic chemicals which means they can survive potential pathogens
What are some famous endospore producers Clostridium botulinum, perfingens, tetani, bacillus anthracis.
Created by: smaxsmith