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Classical Greece L3

SS Ch. 12, Lesson 3 6th Grade

Which country was ruled by King Philip II? Macedonia
Where did King Philip II learned that a professional army had advantages? the Greek city of Thebes
What new weapons did King Philip II supply his soldiers with? catapults and battering rams
Who was King Philip's son? Alexander the Great
Who was Alexander's tutor? Aristotle
What bold new tactic did Alexander have his army use in battle? Use thousands of troops to charge straight at the enemy
Why was it so easy and peaceful for the Macedonians to invade Egypt? Persia controlled Egypt and the Egyptian people hated them.
In what year did Macedonia controlled all the Persian Empire? 331 B.C.
Why did Alexander not continue eastward into India? His armies refused to go any further after 11 years at war.
How old was Alexander the Great when he died? 32
Alexander the Great built cities based on what culture? Greek
The blending of Greek, Persian, Egyptian, and Indian styles and customs is known as ... Hellenistic culture
What was especially affected by the mingling of cultures? learning
What was the famous Hellenistic city? Alexandria
What was located in Alexandria? an important library, the Temple of the Muses, and an enormous lighthouse
What word do we use today came from "Muses" museum
Where was Alexandria located? Egypt
Which city-state did Alexander destroy in order to intimidate the Greeks? Thebes
Created by: aihara99