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Classical Greece L1

SS Ch. 12, Lesson 1 6th Grade

Which leader emerged after the Persian Wars to strengthen democracy, expand the empire, and beautify Athens? Pericles
How did Pericles change the rule for holding public office? People could get paid, so even poor citizens could serve office.
This form of democracy means that all citizens participate in running the government. Direct democracy
How many jurors could serve on a trial in Athens? 500
After the Persian War, the Greek city-states formed a league for mutual protections. What was it called? Delian League
Why were many city-states in Greece unhappy with the Delian League? Pericles used much of the money given to the league to beautify Athens and to build a strong naval fleet for itself.
Why did Athens become so strong? They took over leadership of the Delian League and the treasury.
What was the money paid to the Delian League called? tribute
What is the name of the "high city" called where important temples, monuments, and buildings were located? The Acropolis
Which building in the Acropolis housed the statue of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, arts, and handicrafts? the Parthenon
Citizens in Athens had to have these requirements... be a free male, over 18, and have Athenian parents
Artists, architects, and sculptors created projects for ... Athens
The overall cause of the Peloponnesian War was ... Athens had become too powerful
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