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Pros & Cons of SOLN

British History - Problems with the Poor Law and changes that were made

Pros of Jeremy Bentham's solution Saves the government a lot of money as charity pays for. People that need help will have to work in a workhouse to receive it.
Cons of Jeremy Bentham's solution It doesn't deal with the problem. Poverty still exists + immoral behaviour including laziness. Still don't have to put effort in to receive financial support. Hidden away.
Pros of Thomas Malthus's solution Saves the government a lot of money. Employers would have to pay their employees more money. Desire for couples to have more children won't exist because having another child won't instantly mean you receive more money. Some relief still paid to unemploye
Cons of Thomas Malthus's solution Won't completely solve the problem of idelness. Some people won't receive their money from employer.
Pros of Jeremy Ricardo's solution Saves the government a lot of money. Encourages people to work, reducing immoral behaviour such as laziness.
Cons of Jeremy Ricardo's solution Doesn't get rid of poverty. People will still need some financial support.
Pros of Thomas Paine's solution Richer people pay tax that goes towards the poor relief. Land sharing which gives peasantry equal opportunities to work and the means to make a living from.
Cons of Thomas Paine's solution Further encourages laziness and idelness + sinful behaviour. Doesn't save the government much if not any money.
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