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The Sides

Russian History - The Civil War 1918-1921

Who fought who? Reds Vs Whites.
The Reds The Bolsheviks became known as the Reds. The Red Army was set up on the 28th January 1918. The Red Guard became the army reserves.
The Whites The opponents of the Bolsheviks became known as the Whites. They were not one group, but were an alliance of different groups who opposed the Bolsheviks and wanted to remove them from power. Each for a different variety of reasons.
Who supported the Bolsheviks? The Bolsheviks controlled the centre of Russia including the two major cities of Moscow and Petrograd. They had support from peasants and workers whose lives had been improved by Bolshevik rule. Had no control or support of anywhere outside that region.
Who were the Czech Legion? Supported the Whites. Formed from Czech nationalists who'd came to Russia during WW1. By 1918 it had of 48K soldiers. Permission to Travel from Siberia to Western Front on the Trans-Siberian Railway in March 1918. Seized large sections of crucial railway.
Who were the Greens? Greens were fighters who had no loyalty to either side. Terrorist Acts. Not organised. Sneaked around. Came from Ukraine and Georgia wanted independence from Russia. Other fighters wanted to keep Reds and Whites from their own areas. Later supported Bolv
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