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Oct Revolution Prok

Russian History - The Bolsheviks under Lenin 1917-1924

Beginning of September Bolsheviks won majority in both the Petrograd and Moscow elections.
26th September Trotsky was appointed Chairman of the executive committee of the Petrograd Soviet.
12th September Lenin still in hiding in Finland, wrote letters to the 12 man Central committee in which he states that they need to prepare to seize power.
15th September The Central Committee voted not to seize power. Kamenev and Zinoviev burned some of his letters.
5th October Kerensky sent army troops to Petrograd to prepare for front line service. He chose soldiers that were unlikely to support the Bolsheviks.
9th October Petrograd Soviet claimed Kerensky was going to leave Russia to let the Germans take it. Trotsky wrote a resolution to create a 'military revolutionary centre' to protect the city from a right wing coup. They were unsure if kerensky would support it.
10th October Lenin returned to Petrograd and harangued the BCC into taking a vote in which they decided that 'an armed uprising is the order of the day'. Trotsky supported Lenin, but Zinoviev and Kamenev refused and printed an article setting out their opposing views.
16th October Trotsky set up the Military Revolutionary Committee (MRC) to organise the revolution. Sent speakers to factories to get support. He and Dzerzhinsky organised ex soldiers and Red Guard to gather at the Smolny Institute.
16th - 23rd October(ish) Commissioners were sent to all Petrograd's garrisons. 15/18 declared their allegiance to the Petrograd Soviet. The Commissioners organised weapon supplies. In total before the revolution, the MRC controled 200K Red Guards, 60K Baltic Sailors + 150K troop
23rd October Kerensky ordered for the Pravda and the Izvestia Bolshevik newspapers to stop being printed. He also ordered troops to raise the bridges between the Vybord district (Bolshevik Stronghold) to the city centre. Loyal Bolshevik troops refused.
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