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Lenin's Decrees 1917

Russian History - The Bolsheviks under Lenin 1917-1924

October Workers Decree: Established a maximum 8 hour day.
October Social insurance decree: Gave benefits to the ill, the unemployed and the old.
October Press decree: Banned opposition press.
October Decree on Peace: Promised an end to Russia's part in WW1.
October Decree on Land: Abolished private ownership of land and legitimised peasant seizures for which compensation would not be given to landlords.
November Rights of the people of Russia decree: abolished titles and class ranks.
November Nationality Decree: Allowed countries that had been part of the former Russian Empire to become independent.
November Decree on Workers' Control of Factories: Gave workers the right to 'supervise management'.
November Judicial Decree: Established a new legal system of elected people's courts.
November Decree to outlaw sex discrimination: Made women equal to men in society. They were allowed to own property.
December Decree to establish the 'All-Russian Commission for the Suppression of Counter-Revolution, Sabotage and Speculation': Created the Cheka (secret police) to get rid of any opposition.
December Bank Decree: Removed private flow of capital and smaller banks and became one big bank owned by the State.
December Military Decree: Removed class ranks, saluting and military decorations from the Army. Also, placed the Army under the control of Soldiers' soviets which would elect officers.
December Decrees on the Church: It nationalised Church land, removed marriage and divorce from Church control and gave women the right to initiate divorce.
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