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WWII Study Guide

Stack for WWII Leaders and Government Study Guide

Who was Adolf Hitler? Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party and later Nazi Germany during the majority of WWII. He was responsible for millions of deaths during the holocaust and others in WWII.
What was the Nazi party? A German nationalist party that fought against communism in Germany.
Define Dictator. A ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained control by force
Define Fascism. A type of government that is characterized by dictatorial leadership forcible oppression. It was very population in Europe during the 20th century.
What was the Holocaust? The Holocaust was a genocide during the 1930’s in which Nazis killed about 6 million Jews in Europe
Define Communism. A political theory originally made by Karl Marx. There are no classes and the society is led and run by the working class.
Who was Joseph Stalin? A brutal leader of the USSR. He was responsible for millions of deaths in the Soviet Union due to labor camps and killing off people who disagreed with him.
Define Totalitarianism. A type of government that is led by a dictator who people obey without question
How does totalitarianism differ from a dictator? Dictator only makes laws but totalitarianism is led by a dictator that makes laws and focuses on economy
Who was Mao Zedong? Dictator of China from the 1940’s to the 1970’s. He was the cause of many bad farming practices that led to famine.
What color was associated with communism? Red
What was the Great Leap Forward? A failed attempt to get China to industrialize and become better farmers.
Describe the One Child Policy. The policy in China that encourages Han Chinese people to only have one child to help with overpopulation
What were some punishments for not following the One Child Policy? People go through sterilization. Most parents were forced to abort. If they did keep the child, then the parents do not have the free childcare or any of the awards that one child parents do.
What were some rewards for following the One Child Policy? Free child care, awards, certificate of honor and long maternity leave.
What were some positive outcomes from the One Child Policy? There are less births each year and less pollution in China. Females aren’t thrown out and have a better chance of getting good jobs.
What were some negative outcomes of the One Child Policy? There is currently a big gender imbalance and a shortage of working age people China. Also, many children in China feel lonely and blame the policy.
China’s “One-Child Policy” is meant to help control the problem of what? The policy is meant to help control the overpopulation problem in China.
Created by: Newtmas34