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Trade- Roman Empire

Barter & Currency

barter a system of exchange in which goods & services are exchanged using no money
currency money - paper or coin, which has a specific value associated with it
denarii Roman currency; gold or silver coins, usually with the image of the current Emperor on one side
standardized a common, consistent set of codes, rules, measurements or values (ex: 16 ounces = 1 pound)
inflation the value of money decreases; the price of goods and services therefore increases
proximity relative location to another place, time in distance
value the worth of a product or service
portability how easily a product can be transported
perishable items that have a shelf life; can go bad, spoil, rot, or deteriorate
scarcity lack of available supply to meet the demand; shrinking amount
supply & demand determines the price of goods/services based on people's desire for it, and the availability
surplus an abundance of supply; more than is needed or can be used
profit earnings from an investment; difference between the cost to produce goods/services, and what you can sell it for
compromise an agreement reached by two sides; each side gives up a little to get the deal done
haggle when a seller and a buyer bargain or argue over the price of an item or service
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