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SSCT Med Term C15

SSCT Medical Terminology Web3 Chapters 15 Terms

fasciectomy removal of fascia
fibromyalgia pain of fibrous connective tissue and muscle
leiomyoma benign tumor of smooth muscle
leiomyosarcoma malignant tumor of smooth muscle
myalgia pain of muscle
electromyography process of recording electricity with muscles
myopathy disease condition of the muscle
myocardial pertaining to the heart muscle
myositis inflammation of muscle
plantar flexion bending the sole of the foot downward
rhabdomyoma benign tumor of skeletal muscle
rhabdomyosarcoma malignant tumor composed of striated muscle fibers
myasthenia gravis loss of muscle strength due to the inability of a neurotransmitter to transmit impulses from nerve cells to muscle cells
atrophy decrease in size of an organ or tissue, wasting of a tissue
hypertrophy increase in development (size) of an organ or tissue
lumbar pertaining to the lower back or loins
lumbosacral pertaining to the lower back & sacrum
myelopoiesis formation of bone marrow
orthopedics branch of medicine dealing with correcting deformities in children
osteitis inflammation of bone
osteodystrophy poor bone development
osteogenesis formation of bone
scoliosis lateral curvature of the spine
spondylosis abnormal condition of the vertebrae
vertebral pertaining to the vertebra
osteoblast immature osteocytes
osteoclast large cells that function to reabsorb, or digest bony tissue
spondylolisthesis forward slipping of vertebra over a lower vertebra
osteomalacia softening of the bones
epiphysis end of a long bone
pubic symphysis where the two pubic bones come together
osteoporosis increased porosity in bone; decrease in bone density
osteotome instrument to cut bone
acetabular pertaining to the acetabulum
calcaneal pertaining to the heel bone
carpal pertaining to the wrist bones
supraclavicular pertaining to above the clavicle
subcostal pertaining to below the ribs
chondrocostal pertaining to the cartilage attached to the ribs
craniotomy removal of a diseased or injured portion of the brain
craniotome instrument to cut the skull
femoral pertaining to the femur
fibular pertaining to the fibula
humeral pertaining to the upper arm bone
iliac pertaining to the ilium (part of the pelvic bone)
ischial pertaining to the ischium
malleolar pertaining to the malleolus
mandibular pertaining to the mandible
maxillary pertaining to the maxilla
metacarpectomy removal of the hand bones
metatarsalgia pain in the metatarsals
olecranal pertaining to the elbow
patellar pertaining to the patella
pelvimetry measurement of the dimensions of the meternal pelvic bone
peroneal pertaining to the fibula
phalangeal pertaining to the phalanges
pubic pertaining to the pubis
radial pertaining to the radius
scapular pertaining to the scapula
sternal pertaining to the sternum
tarsectomy excision or removal of the tarsals
tibial pertaining to the shin bone
ulnar pertaining to the ulna
ankylosis abnormal stiffening and immobility of a joint
arthroplasty plastic surgery of a joint
arthrotomy incision into a joint
hemarthrosis abnormal condition of blood in a joint
hydrarthrosis watery effusion into a joint cavity
polyarthritis arthritis involving two or more joints
articular cartilage cartilage that covers the articular surface of bone
bursitis inflammation of a bursa
achondroplasia condition of improper formation of cartilage in the embryo that leads to short bones and dwarfism
chondroma tumor of cartilage
chondromalacia softening of cartilage
ligamentous pertaining to a ligament
rheumatologist specialist in the treatment of joint disorders
synovitis inflammation of the synovial membrane
tenorrhaphy suture of a tendon
tenosynovitis inflammation of the tendon sheath
tendinitis inflammation of a tendon
arthrodesis binding together (surgical fusion of a joint)
spinal stenosis narrowing of the lumbar spinal column
amyotrophic pertaining to loss of muscle development
abduction move away from the midline
adduction movement toward the midline
dorsiflexion backward (upward) bending of the foot
polymalgia pain of many muscles
hypercalcemia excessive calcium in the blood
decalcification removal of calcium from bones
kyphosis humpback
laminectomy removal of the lamina of the verterbra arch
lordosis anterior curvature of the spine
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