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APWH AP Test Vocab

Vocabulary that may appear on the APWH AP test

Abstract Theoretical; not concrete; nonpresentational
Incongruous inappropriate; incompatible; logically inconsistent, not fitting, absurd
Abridge Condense; shorten
Incompatible So opposed in nature as to be unable to coexist; unable to work together in combination
Academic Related to education; not practical or directly useful
Incorrigible Incapable of being reformed; not correctable; irredeemable; ineradicable; unruly
Acclaim applaud; announce with great approval
Indicative Serving to point out or reveal something
Adversay opponent; enemy
Indifferent Unmoved or unconcerned by; neither good nor bad; characterized by impartiality
Adversity Misfortune; hardship; affliction; poverty
Induce Persuade; convince; bring about; stimulate; infer through inductive reasoning
Inference deduction; conclusion
Advocate (Verb) Urge; speak in favor of; support; recommend
Aesthetic artistic; dealing with or capable of appreciating beauty
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