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Midterm Hist201

Aztec Empire dominates Mesoamerica 1428 - 1521 CE
Bantu-speaking peoples expand across central and southern Africa 1000 BCE - 1500 CE
beginning of the Neolithic era (first evidence of agriculture) 9000 BCE
classical period in Greece 500 - 338 BCE
Confucius 551 - 479 BCE
construction of mounds at Cahokia 1050 -1250 CE
Cyrus the Great consolidates the Persian Empire 550 BCE
establishment of the first cities in Sumer 3800 BCE
founding of Buddhism and Jainism 500 BCE
Han dynasty 206 BCE - 220 CE
height of Harappan civilization 2800 - 2000 BCE
Hellenistic period 1200 - 323 BCE
Homo sapiens migrates out of Africa to Eurasia 120,000 years ago
Inca Empire dominates the Andes 1438 - 1532 CE
Indo-European migrations 4000 - 1000 BCE
Mauryan Empire 322 - 185 BCE
Neanderthals flourish in Europe and western Asia 30,000 - 150,000 years ago
Old Kingdom in Egypt 2660 - 2180 BCE
Olmec culture 1500 - 300 BCE
peak of Maya culture 600 - 900 CE
Qin dynasty 221 - 206 BCE
Roman Empire 27 BCE - 476 CE
Roman Republic 509 - 27 BCE
Shang dynasty 1500 - 1050 BCE
Vedic Age 1500 - 500 BCE
Zhou dynasty 1050 - 256 BCE
Created by: Vellaryn