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Gr 7 History Ch 12

Grade 7 History Ch 12 Review - Terms

monasticism withdrawing from society and living in solitude
monks, nuns, hermits, friars men and women who practice monasticism; men who lived in the wilderness and felt that torturing themselves would please God; monks who preached and did missionary work outside the monasteries
Eucharist the Lord's Supper
transubstantiation the belief that the elements of the Lord's Supper actually change from bread and wine to Christ's body and His blood
saints deceased person officially recognized by the church as holy
indulgences certificates from the pope that excused a person from going penance and shortened the required stay in purgatory
penance the sacrament of punishments in this life for repentant sinners
purgatory the place where repentant sinners had to stay after death until they had been properly punished for their sin and could enter heaven
Vulgate Jerome's Latin translation of the Scripture
breviary a book with the official order of worship in church services
Lollards followers of John Wycliffe
Hussites followers of John Huss
heretics baptized members of the Roman church who disagreed with any official church opinion
scholasticism an approach to learning which tried to combine Greek philosophy and Romanism
dukes powerful nobles who ruled small territories in Germany
cardinals priests of the churches in Rome or bishops of churches close to Rome
humanities subjects such as history, grammar, rhetoric, and petry
Renaissance man one who displays his talents in all fields
patrons people who use their own money to support the arts
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