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Gr 7 History Ch 12

Grade 7 History Ch 12 Review - People

Benedict the monk who founded a monastery in Italy and set a standard of rules or orders for other monks to follow
Jerome the church leader who translated the Vulgate
John Wycliffe the Oxford University teacher who challenged some of the central opinions of the Roman church and had the entire Bible translated ino English for the first time
John Huss the teacher whom the Council of Constance burned at the stake for his defense of the Bible as the true authority for Christians
Augustine the philosopher who wrote The Confessions and Thy City of God
Aristotle "The Philosopher"
William of Ockham the English philosopher who used logic to discredit the doctrine of the pope's absolute supremacy
Thomas Aquinas the philosopher who combined the philosophy of Aristotle with Romanism so successfully that the church forbade anyone to disagree with him
Dante the author of Divine Comedy
Chaucer the author of The Canterbury Tales
Henry the Fowler the powerful duke who began the Saxon line of kings in Germany
Otto the Great crowned "Emperor of the Romans" by the pope at the beginning of the Holy Roman Empire
Pope Bicholas II the pope who declared that popes would be chosen only by cardinals
Giovanni de Medici a wealthy businessman whose family excelled in business and dominated the political scene in Florence
Leonardo da Vinci a master painter, sculptor, inventor, and engineer who painted Mona Lisa and The Last Supper
Raphael a famous painter who painted Sistine Madonna and the School of Athens
Michelangelo possibly the greatest artist of the Renaissance who was hired to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
Machiavelli writer of The Prince, the only book of lasting importance produced by the Italian Renaissance
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