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Gr 7 History Ch 11

Grade 7 History Ch 11 Review - Terms

pontifex maximus title used by the popes which means "high priest"
Mayors of the Palace government officials who did the kings' duties
Donation of Pepin the Papal States
Patrician of the Romans the title given to Pepin by the pope
Treaty of Verdum the treaty that divided the Carolingian Empire into three parts
feudalism a way of life based upon the ownership and use of land
fief a piece of land owned by one man who permitted another man to use it in return for certain promised services
lord the man who owned the land
vassal the man who used the land in exchange for his services
homage ceremony where the vassal vowed to be the lord's man
act of investiture the act where the lord gave the vassal an object as a symbol of the vassal's right to use the fief
knight a master of medieval warfare who wore heavy armor and fought on horseback with a variety of weapons
crown land the part of the king's land for personal use
chivalry the code of conduct for the nobility and the knights
page a boy around the age of 7 who is beginning training for knighthood as a lord's household servant
squire a personal servant to a lord or another knight in the lord's service
coat of arms a group of emblems and figures used for identification purposes
heraldry the study of coats of arms and their designs
castles heavily fortified dwellings of nobles
moat a protective trench of water surrounding a castle
turret a tower in watchmen surveyed the countryside, ready to warn of an approaching enemy
joust a contest between two knights who fought to unseat or unhorse each other
tournament mock wars between two teams of knights
manor an estate belonging to a noble
serfs the farmers of the manors who worked for the nobles and were like slaves in many ways
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