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Gr 7 History Ch 10

Grade 7 History Ch 10 Review - Events

Battle of Tours Muslims defeated, putting an end to their march in Europe
Battle of Mazikert the Seljuk Turks conquered Asia Minor from the Eastern Roman Empire
Peasants' Crusade a group of 15,000 to 20,000 people, mostly farmers, embarked on a crusade but were destroyed by the Turks
First Crusade the crusade, led by nobles, which conquered a strip of land along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean about 500 miles long and averaging 40 miles wide
Second Crusade French and German armies were defeated before they even reached the Holy Land, thus accomplishing nothing
Third Crusade the "Crusade of Kings"; accomplished little
Fourth Crusade the crusade that never reached the Holy Land bu instead attacked and robbed the city of Constantinople
Children's Crusade several thousand German and French children marched toward the Mediterranean Sea, expecting God to divide the waters so they could walk to the Holy Land. Many children died and some were sold as slaves to North African Muslims.
Created by: mbrennan262