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Ch9 Western Colonies

Western Colonies - Pacific Island Studies

A place settled and governed by people from a far-off land. Colony
Country that Europeans most wanted to trade with. China
Island tree that the Chinese liked Sandalwood
Large farms usually controlled by Europeans or Americans Plantations
Divided by the United States and Germany in 1899 Samoa
Taken over by U.S. sugar planters Hawaii
Only major island group not taken as a colony. Tonga
Lost all it's Pacific possessions after World War I Germany
Which was NOT a major Pacific resource? Coal
Which of the following countries started controlling islands before 1900? United States
After war with Spain in 1898, the United States took over The Philippines and Guam
Before World War I, most of the Pacific islands were taken over by. Britain and France
True or False: After World War I, Britain gave control of many islands to New Zealand and Australia. True
True or False: Chiefs and white businessmen were the only islanders who made much money when islands were developed. True
True or False: Westerners took over Pacific islands because of the islands' great wealth. False
Created by: MrsJM