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Psych development

CH 8 Sidearm/overarm Development of Ballistic Skills (final)

Sidearm striking is a form of striking where the arm remains at or below shoulder level
Characteristics of Early Sidearm Striking is a form of striking where the arm remains at or below shoulder level
Proficient Sidearm Striking Stepping into the hit Differrentiated trunk rotation Swinging through a full range of motion Extending arms just before contact
Developmental Changes in Sidearm Striking striker stands sideways use of trunk rotation Plane of their swing (vertical -> oblique -> horizontal plane) Longer swing
Overarm striking is a form of striking where the arm travels above the shoulder level
Characteristics of Early Overarm Striking -Limited pelvic and spinal movement -Swings with a collapsed elbow -Swings the arm and racket forward in unison
Proficient Overarm Striking -Rotates both the pelvis and the spine more than 90° -Holds the elbow at an angle between 90° and 119° at the start of forward movement -Lets the racket lag behind arm during the forward swing
Older Adult Striking Many older performers can be as accurate as younger performers when strength and flexibility demands are not high,
How do you think striking changes for older adults? less ROM less accuracy &distance
Dodo Cheney's favorite moment Mother daughter tournament
Most older adult research in in tennis and golf because of a larger senior following and established senior program
is an overarm or forehand strike a life long skill? well-practiced movement patterns might be well maintained over the life span
Proficient performance in ballistic skills obeying mechanical principles for maximizing force and speed
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