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6th grade history

abeka book

civil war battle of Vicksburg
battle of Gettysburg
monitor and Mauriac
emancipation proclamation
Spanish american war remember the main
battle of Britain
ruff riders
world war two ve-day
use of atomic bombs
November 11, 1918
bombing of pearl harbor
the holocaust
world war one Zimmerman note
first use of atomic bombs
Communism government controls property and land
Joseph Stalin
national socialism/Nazism black people considered inferior
the leader is considered better than anyone
fascism people own property but loose there freedom
Benito Mussolini
militarism japan
united nations organisation that brought people together to settle there problems
malci toungh communist that took over china
communism? problem after Nazism
curia Asian country witch Soviet Union controlled the north
Mathew Perry opened up trade to japan
McGuffey made childrens books called McGuffey readers
sam houston captured santa anna
d. l. moody famous evangelist preacher
Created by: i love cats