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Chapter 12

World History Chapter 12

satires works that poke fun at human weaknesses
anatomy the study of body structure
Appian Way first major Roman road linking Rome to southeastern Italy
Spartacus gladiator who led a slave rebellion
excellent location Constantinople became wealthy primarily because of its ____.
Greek culture and Roman law The Byzantines preserved and passed on ____.
special materials, such as gold and jewels Byzantine artists showed the empire's wealth and heaven's glory by using intricate designs and
own land Theodora urged her husband Justinian to allow women to
Justinian Code This was a more organized system of laws
religious center Hagia Sophia became the ____ of the Byzantine Empire.
gladiator A(n) ____ was a person who fought animals and other people as public amusement.
anatomy The study of the body's structure is called ____.
husbands wealth A Roman woman's freedom depended on her ____.
ode A(n) _____ expresses strong emotions about life
its own ruler Diocletian divided the empire into four parts, each with
Rome and Constantinople After the death of Theodosius, Rome was divided into two empires whose capitals were
41 In the 49-year span from 235 to 284 AD, how many people CLAIMED to be emperor of Rome?
21 In the 49-year span from 235 to 284 AD, how many people were ACTUALLY emperors of Rome?
incorporating Germanic warriors What decision led to the decline of the Roman legions?
Nicea Where did Constantine hold the first council for Christianity?
Italian, French and Spanish What modern languages are based on Latin?
followed a different form of Christianity In what major way were the Byzatines NOT like the rest of the Roman Empire?
conquered by the Barbarians What is the "traditional" view of how the Roman empire fell?
laws What was the most consistently Roman aspect of Byzantine society?
vault Roman builders used rows of arches in their buildings to form a curved ceiling, or
Forum Many Roman cities surrounded a marketplace and public square, also called the
Livia This wife of Augustus influenced Rome’s politics although women didn't have full citizenship
Septimius While this Roman emperor fought battles away from Rome, his wife, Julia Domna, was in charge
Atrium The houses of the wealthy Romans were built around a(n)
satires These are works that poke fun at human weaknesses
Appian Way This was first major Roman road linking Rome to southeastern Italy
gladiator This is a person who fought animals and other people as public amusement
anatomy This is the study of body structure
Spartacus This was a gladiator who led a slave rebellion
a declining economy The fall of Rome began with poor leadership, attacks by invaders, and
Constantine Which Roman emperor moved the empire’s capital to Constantinople?
Alaric In a.d. 410 this Visigoth leader captured the city of Rome.
Germanic Rome finally fell when groups of which people invaded from northern Europe?
Huns The Visigoths warred with which other invading tribe?
Adrianople The Visigoths became tired of the Romans’ demands, rebelled, and defeated the Roman legions at
Odoacer This Germanic general seized control of Rome and ruled it for almost 15 years.
Diocletian His reforms did not work because he was not a strong enough emperor to enforce them.
masks What did male actors wear so that they could play different roles.
barter People began to do this again when the value of Roman coins decreased.
Justinian The greatest of the Byzantine emperors; served a.d. 527–565
Tribonian He was a legal scholar who worked to create a new code of laws
Theodora She helped Byzantine women win more legal rights.
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