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India Section 1

Chapter 5 Section 1

What is a large landmass that is smaller than a continent? subcontinent
What are seasonal wind patterns that cause wet and dry seasons? monsoons
What is the most important language of ancient India? Sanskrit
Where was India's first civilization? Pakistan
What group of people from Central Asia that became the dominant group in India? Aryans
What ancient writings that taught people about Aryan society? Vedas
What is the name of the ancient city called "Mound of the Dead"? Mohenjo-Daro
What is the world's tallest mountain range that creates a natural climate boundary between India and the rest of Asia? Himalayas
What is the world's tallest mountain between Nepal and Tibet? How tall is it? Mount Everest 29, 028 ft tall
Describe the climate of the Indian subcontinent. Summers are hot and humid. Winters are warm & dry. Monsoons cause heavy rains and terrible floods (100-200 inches of rain).
What is the Indus Plain? a dry region made fertile by floods
What is the Indus Valley? The birthplace of the Harappan civilization. The earliest farming begain 600 BC. It thrived between 2300BC-1700 BC.
Describe the flow of the Indus River. Source: Himalayas Flows Through: 1800 miles of Hindu-Kush Mtns and Pakistan Mouth: Arabian Sea Floods in summer.
Which civilization began first the Aryans or Harappans? Harappan civilization began first.
What are two cities from the Harappan civilization? Cities of Harappa & Mohenjo-Daro (300 miles apart)
Where did both the Harappan and Aryan civilizations both begin? Indus Plain
When did the Aryan civilization begin? The Aryans arrived in the Indus Plain after the Harappan civilization collapsed.
Describe Aryan culture. The Aryans were nomadic people (they moved around alot), they finally settled in villages based on family ties, they fought a lot, not only with invaders, but with each other.
Who were rajas in Aryan culture? Rajas were village leaders.
Where did information about Aryan society come from? What was their language? Information about the Aryans came from the Vedas (texts). Their language was Sanskrit, it was only spoken at first, but then was eventually written down.
How does northern India DIFFER from the rest of the region? Northern India has the Himalayas and the desert while the rest of India is mainly fertile plains and plateaus.
Why is India considered a subcontinent? India is a very large landmass separated from the rest of Asia by the Himalaya Mountains.
What is one reason that scholars do not completely understand some important parts of the Harappan society? Scholars do not completely understand the Harappan society because they have not yet learned how to read the Harappan language. They know more about the Aryans because they can read the Aryan language (Sanskrit).
How was the Aryan society different from the Harappan society? The Aryans didn't farm like the Harappans did. The Aryans also did not build large planned cities and had no single ruler like the Harappans. The Aryans were nomadic and eventually settled in small family villages led by local rajas.