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What is subcontinent? a large, distinguishable part of a continent, such as North America or southern Africa.
What is mount Everest? its highest peak was remeasured in the late 1990's.
What is monsoon season? A monsoon is a seasonal shift in the prevailing wind direction, that usually brings with it a different kind of weather.
What is indo-Ganges plains? he Indo-Gangetic Plain, also known as the Indus-Ganga Plain and the North Indian River Plain, is a 630-million-acre (2.5-million km2) fertile plain encompassing northern regions of the Indian subcontinent.
What is subsistence farming? Subsistence agriculture occurs when farmers grow food crops to feed themselves and their families.
What is Indus river valley? lies on the plain in Pakistan.
What is Deccan plateau? lies between the Arabian sea and bay Bengal.
What is harappa and Mohenjo-daro he civilization of the Indus River at Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa arose at about 2500 BCE and ended with apparent destruction about 1500 BCE. It is uncertain whether this civilization had its roots in Sumer or Sumer had its roots in this civilization.
What is Sanskrit? Is a different language from other people who were living in the valley.
What is Vedas? Books of knowledge.
What is brahmins? The highest position in society.
What is sudras? Serfs were given the lowest position in society.
Who is Cyrus II? Is said to have been the founder of the Persian Empire.
Who is Darius I? Who followed Cyrus and brought the Persian Empire to India.
Who is Ashoka? Took power in about 270 b.c.
What is Hinduism? Is the main religion in India.
What is Rig Veda? There are four Vedas the oldest of which is the Rig Veda.
What is Brahma? Is the source and final destination of everything.
What is Reincarnation? Is the process through which a person goes from one life to the next.
What is caste? A life long social group into which he or she is born.
What is Buddhism? Emperor Ashoka spread Buddhism throughout south Asia.
Who is Buddha? According to Buddhist tradition the man who became the Buddha was born during this period.
Who is bodh gaya? A tree near the town is called bodh gaya.
What is enlightenment? A state of pure goodness.
What are the Four Noble Truths? Is human suffering.
What is Eightfold path? a way of living that can help them find relief from their suffering .
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