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China 2

A type of bones commonly used during the Shang dynasty to predict the future. Oracle Bones
The king of the strongest state state,Qin, became ( ) Shi Huangdi
Hundreds of thousands of laborers worked for hundreds of years to build the ( ) of china Great Wall
People who go between buyers and sellers Middlemen
What is Kung Fuzi is also known as Confucius
Confucius interpreted and revived older Zhou texts called what / Book of Documents
A collection of sayings by Confucius that were written by his students. Analects
These virtues a sense of humanity,respect for the family, and humility,or modesty are at the core of ( ). Confucianism
What is the belief in finding the "way" Daiosm
Who was the first great teacher of Daoism Laozi
In 589 what dynasty reunified the country? Sui Dynasty
What in considered one of the best dynasties of China? Tang dynasty
Who was the first female emperors to rule the Tang dynasty? Wu Hou
In 960 what dynasty united warring groups and established a strong central rule? Song Dynasty
Who was the universal ruler? Genghis Knan
Genghis Khan's grandson Kublai Khan
Who was the universal ruler?Who was the first dynasty to have a non-Chinese Yuan Dynasty
Who was the first dynasty to have a non-Chinese Ming Dynasty
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