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Rome republic

What is the Tiber river? is the river that is longest.
What is the Italian peninsula ? it is a map from a map that is in the city or culture.
What is the Mediterranean sea? it is known because the Mediterranean sea is every were around Italy. there is a lot of water that it looks like a boot.
What is Rome? it is a city that was made of best work.
What is Tarquin ? it is a person that seves from the army
Who is junius brutas was a emperor that was late and killed.
What are patricians ? are people that live in the mountain.
What are plebeian ? is a person from the out side.
What is republic? it is a person that lives in the city.
What is the senate ? is a group of people that make chooses what to do to the people.
What is the consul? is a group of people that follows orders.
What is a dictator? is a person that was important.
What are tribute ? it is a group of people .
What is Carthage ? is a animal that lives in out side.
What are punic war? it is when there is a person that goes into war.
What are Hannibal ? it is a person that goes were.
What is scipio? it ios a person that became emperor.
What is patriotism ? is a person that was outside.
What is Caesar ? is a person that goes every were.
Who is julias ceasar? is a person from war than became emperor.
What is a emperor? is a person that rules the land.
Who is Augusts ? is a kid from Julies Cesar.
What is Pax Romana ? is roman piece.
What is caligula ? is a person that was the son of a emperor.
What is Claudius? is a person that was a out side person and became a emperor.
Who is Nero? is a person that painted a picture and became famous.
Who is Marcus Aurelius ? is that he ruled more than over 200 years.
What is Colosseum? is a painted picture of a person that was famous.
What is a gladiator ? is a person that is put in a chamber and he fought till death.
What is Christianity? is a religion that is Christianity made by god.
Who is Jesus? is the person who had powers and help human kind.
What is new testament ? is when there is something new in the book.
What is gospels? is when there is something you don't like in the conversation.
What is synagogues ? is a person who runs from danger.
What is a disciples ? is a person who is when there are going on a trip.
What is apostles? is a person who runs the church or is the helper.
What is Messiah ? is a person who rules the church or the owner of the church.
What is persecuted ? it is when you rule the land of the out side.
Who is Constantine ? is the ruler of a town named Constantinople.
What is Theodosius ? when there is a animal in bad condition.
What is commodes ? is when you gave a second chance.
What id diocletian ? is when you have a word and you honor it.
What is Constantinople ? is a town that is all water and a wall.
What is byzantine ? is a worrior frome town.
What is roman catholic ? is a church frome thr west side that was bad.