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P8 Shakespeare Prez

Who inspired Elizabethan fashion? Queen Elizabeth
What could doublets be compared to today in terms of today's clothing? Jackets
What element used in fashion creation led to chemical burns? Mercury
What were Shakespeare’s Parents names Mary Arden and John Shakespeare
Which child of Shakespeare died young? Hamnet
Who was Guy Fawkes and how was he tortured? catholic conspirator and he was put on the rack.
What are the three medieval torture devices and what do they do? The Rack Designed to stretch out the victim’s limbs, Scavenger’s Daughter compressed the body, and Manacles which were used to suspend the victim just off the floor by the wrist
What were the three reasons that why Elizabethan Medicine was ineffective? Unsanitary Conditions, Lack of Education, Poor Treatment Methods
Berowne in Love’s Labour’s Lost, Act 5 Scene 2:2316: “Thus pour the stars down plagues for perjury”. What did this mean back in the Elizabethan Era" t meant that the stars and Zodiac signs would "purge" by giving people illnesses such as the plague, and this system worked much like karma, you get what you give
What was the difference between the wealthy and the royal horse drawn carriages? The royal carriages were safer and more glamorous
Who had a healthier diet, the rich or the poor? The poor
How were sports back then different than our sports? They were more dangerous and violent, and had simpler technology
What was the religion Hans Holbein painted about? Lutheranism
Who commissioned most paintings? What were they of? The rich commissioned portraits of themselves
What were 3 words Shakespeare created addiction, assassination, cold blooded, arch-villain, belongings, bedazzled, beginnings
Name three movies based on Romeo and Juliet gnome and Juliet, warm bodies, west side story
What composer was known as the Father of English Church Music? Thomas Tallis
What Elizabethan instrument was very similar to the modern flute? The Elizabethan Recorder
What famous Elizabethan playwright led the the creation of musical theatre? William Shakespeare
In 3 sentences, summarize the change of bows and arrows throughout time. The bows and arrows were efficient on the battlefield due to it being light. They then got replaced by the crossbow because it could shoot farther and faster. The crossbow soon got replaced by the musket.
What were the 3 elements swords from the Elizabethan Age were made of? Cooper, Bronze, and Tin
How did Europe differ from other continents affected by Black Plague? More severe; lasted longer
List 3 ways Europe was affected by the Black Plague. Population wiped out; Less manual labor; Technological progress stopped
What religion did Queen Mary I follow? Catholicism
Why was Queen Mary I called Bloody Mary? She executed 300 protestants
How many wives did King Henry VIII have? 6
What was the name of Shakespeare's acting troupe? Lord Chamberlain’s company of players/the King’s Men
What were the unrecorded years of Shakespeare's life called? The Lost Years
How do you and your friends and family bond with recipes? Bond by sharing recipes between generations and having meals with each other.
Name one popular food that was mentioned. Various meats, boiled/steamed vegetables, fruits, stews
Why did supper consist of so much food, back then? It was to show off your wealth and encouraged guests to stay longer and feel welcomed
Why did Elizabethan people make sports? Because they didn't have a lot of entertainment so they need something to entertain themselves.
What were three reasons the Black Plague could not have been prevented? Poor medical knowledge, unsanitary conditions, lack of technology
What 4 foreign languages could Queen Elizabeth speak? Italian, Greek, French, Latin
What is one reason why Philip II sent the Spanish armada to attack Britain? Because Queen Mary I rejected his marriage proposal
How did Elizabethan combat affect modern combat? Elizabethan combat affected modern combat by laying the blueprints for many weapons such as caltrops into road spikes
Why was Elizabethan combat unique? Elizabethan combat was unique because it combined old technologies from medieval times and the new advancements of gunpowder.
What two philosophers did the Elizabethan doctors base their learning off of? Aristotle and Hippocrates
What did Elizabethans use to extract blood from patients? Leeches
Why didn't Elizabethans stop using their flawed medical methods? They wanted more money and they had to try everything they could regardless of if it worked or not.
Created by: MrTownsend