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Unit 1 Vocab

Social Studies content from period 1

egalitarian when there is equality among all members of society
kinship people are related by blood
patriarchy when society is dominated by men
pastoral communities that rely on domesticating animals and migrating
stratified when there are different levels of society and separation between rich and pooor
conduit a means of transferring information, goods, beliefs, or diseases between communities
artisan a specialized worker in wood, metals, or cloth
textile the making of clothing and other cloth materials from cotton, wool, or silk
metallurgy the making of metal tools and weapons
bureaucracy the government system of trained workers who run the different departments
fertility the ability to reproduce; farmland produces crops or humans/animals produce offspring
mobilized the gathering of men or resources to be used for an important purpose
divine when something is holy or sacred
deity a god or goddess
surplus when there is more than enough to survive, which is used for trade
monumental important buildings and infrastructure in a community
urban planning when cities are planned out purposefully
foundational important first step to greater achievements
transregional when trade or movement happens across different geographic areas
diffuse the spreading of ideas, beliefs, or products from a place of origin
intensification the rapid, continual increase of something
razed to be destroyed
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