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W. Hist Topic 14 voc

W. Hist Topic 14 vocabulary

ideology system of thought or belief
universal manhood suffrage right of all adult men to vot
autonomy self-rule
radical one who favors extreme changes
recession period of reduced economic activity
peninsular in Spanish colonial America, a person born in Spain
creole in Spanish colonial America, an American-born descendant of Spanish settlers
mestizo in Spanish colonial America, a person of Native American and European descent
mulatto in Spanish colonial America, a person of African and European descent
chancellor the highest official of a monarch, prime minister
Realpolitik realistic politics based on the needs of the state
annex add a territory to an existing state or country
kaiser emperor of Germany
Reich German empire
Kulturkampf Bismarck's “battle for civilization,” intended to make Catholics put loyalty to the state above their allegiance to the Church
social welfare programs provided by the state for the benefit of its citizens
anarchist a person who wants to abolish all government
emigration movement away from one’s homeland
rotten borough rural town in England that sent members to Parliament despite having few or no voters
parliamentary democracy a form of government in which the executive leaders (usually a prime minister and cabinet) are chosen by and responsible to the legislature (parliament), are also members of it
repeal cancel
absentee landlord one who owns a large estate but does not live there
provisional temporary
premier prime minister
coalition temporary alliance of various political parties
libel knowing publication of false and damaging statements
expansionism policy of increasing the amount of territory a government holds
secede withdraw
segregation forced separation by race, sex, religion, or ethnicity
colossus giant
emancipation granting of freedom to serfs or slaves
zemstvos local elected assembly set up in Russia under Alexander II
pogrom violent attack on a Jewish community
refugee a person who flees from home or country to seek refuge elsewhere, often because of political upheaval or famine
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