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Ancient China

Ancient China to help you on a test:)

Who was the military ruler who united China and founded the Sui dynasty? Wendi
Who developed an empire n Mongolia and invaded China? Genghis Khan
What is China's first dynasty? Shang
Who moved the capital of China to Khanbaliq, which is now Beijing? Kublai Khan
What ruled China longer than any other dynasty? Zhou dynasty
What dynasty is known as the Golden Age of art and literature in China? Song dynasty
What is the religion that spread from India to China? Buddhism
What dynasty did the Chinese experience peace and prosperity? Ming dynasty
What was the philosophy which taught that people should have a sense of responsibility to their family and community? Confucianism
What is a military leader who has his own army? Warlord
What is a Chinese philosophy based on the importance of laws? Legalism
Who is an official who made sure that government workers did their jobs? Censor
What is the symbol in the writing system that represents a thing or an idea? Ideograph
The responsibility children have to respect, obey, and care for their parents? Filial Piety
A farmer who works lad owned by someone else? Tenant farmer
A Chinese practice of inserting fine needles through the skin to treat disease or relive pain? Acupuncture
When an aristocrat died, a son or another member of his family governed the territory? Hereditary
Why did Wu Wang lead a rebellion against the Shang government? The Aristocratic population was growing too large and rich
Was made the official religion of china during the song dynasty? Confucianism
According to The Mandate Of Heaven, a kings right to rule came from? The gods/ the heavens
Who was the founder Of Daoism Whose name means "the Old Master"? Laozi
Created by: Ry_lee