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Mongol unit test

The Mongols took over and ruled most of what country? Asia
What warfare technologies and techniques did the Mongols use to conquer other people? Saddles, stirrups and excellent horsemanship
What empires fell to the nomadic people of Central Asia? Han Dynasty, Roman Empire and the Abassid Empire
What did the Mongols gain from being tolerant of the empires they conquered? Technology, religion, art, craftsmanship through cultural diffusion.
What tactic did the Mongols use to conquer other empires? Psychological warfare . The Mongols threatened destruction of those who resisted.
Who became isolated as a result of the increase of the Mongol Empire? The Russians and they paid tribute to the Khans.
What was the largest Empire in the history of the world. Mongol
What were two results of Pax Mongolia? Political stability and increased trade between Europe and Asia
What were two benefits of the Mongols Vast Empire? Cultural diffusion and diversity of people from the empires they conquered.
Who were the two naval explorers who stimulated trade and increased interest in Asian culture? Zheng He and Marco Polo
Which areas did the Mongols conquer and add to their empire? China, Russia, Iran
What would be an appropriate heading for these facts: *Mongol skills and weapons diffusing into China *Confucian scholars losing status *Marco Polo writing about traveling to Asia Mongols conquering China and establishing the Yuan Dynasty
What were some accomplishments of the Mongol Empire? *Developed a tribute system *Reestablished trade along the silk roads *Created a vast empire from Eastern Europe to Asia
Why was the Ming Dynasty considered ethnocentric? They felt everyone else's goods were inferior to their own, China's.
Created by: Dcrawford