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Russia Study Guide

Stack for Russian History

This geographic feature forms a natural border between Europe and Asia. Ural Mountains
This large body of water borders Russia to the South Caspian Sea
A huge mostly frozen region in Asian Russia Siberia
The longest River in Europe Volga River
This ocean borders Russia to the North Arctic Ocean
A large lake located in Southern russia Lake Baikal
What are some reason the Russian people did not like Tsarina Alexandra? Many people thought she was a spy for the Germans and she didn’t care to learn their language or anything about Russia.
Who were the Bolsheviks? A political party who wanted to overthrow the Tsar and his wife, some wanting to replace them with communism
In what year did the Nicholas II become tsar? 1894
Define abdicate. (for a monarch or someone of high power) to give up their power as leader
What was the date of “Bloody Sunday” and describe what happened Bloody Sunday occurred on Jan. 22, 1905 and was when unarmed civilians were attacked by soldiers because they were protesting.
What disorder was Prince Alexi born with? Hemophilia
Who was Rasputin? A man who could help Alexi’s condition and was made the right-hand man of the Tsar and his family.
How did Rasputin gain the Tsar and Tsarina’s trust? He could help Alexi when he got hurt, somehow.
Who was the leader of the Communist Revolution in Russia? Vladimir Lenin
What happened to Rasputin and the Romanov family? Rasputin was killed in 1906 by people who suspected him of influencing the Royal Family and the Romanovs were killed two years later by people who wanted them to not rule anymore.
This person became dictator of Soviet Union in 1924 Josef Stalin
What is the name for the king of Russia? (Both Spellings) Tsar and Czar (pronounced sar)
Describe the events that allowed the Russians to overthrow the government in 1917. The Russians had two revolutions, the March and October revolutions, were brought up due to the Tsar’s family not being the best rulers of Russia. They overthrew them later that year.
What was the Duma? A legislative body in the ruling assembly of Russia and other former republics of the Soviet Union
What were some reasons why Nicholas II was an ineffective leader? Nicholas II was an ineffective leader because he hated making decisions and didn’t know how to run a country. He handled Bloody Sunday very bad and made people suspicious of his wife. Nicholas also didn't stop people from talking about him
What was the form of Government created by Karl Marx that was based on everyone being equal and having the same pay? Karl Marx created an early form of Communism, which was later used in the USSR.
Why did the Russian people feel they needed a second revolution? The Russian people did not like their new government so they rebelled against that one too.
Who became a leader during the Communist Revolution of 1917? Vladimir Lenin
A type of government in which all goods and services are owned by the government and shared equally amongst the citizens. Communism
Lenin’s successor, who worked to control every aspect of life in the Soviet Union. Josef Stalin
The agricultural revolution in the USSR combined privately owned farms into large, government owned farms called what? Forced Ukrainian Famine
Name for the rich farmers that the Soviet government chose to eliminate because of their resistance to collective farming. The Kulaks
The Great Purge was a campaign to eliminate what? People who supported anyone other than Stalin
What did Stalin say Russia needed to do in 10 years or they wouldn’t survive as a country? Industrialize
Was this plan successful, and why or why not? This plan was successful because it did help Russia become a top country again and got many people new jobs. Because of the industrial revolution, Russia was dragged out of poverty and famine (ones that weren’t forced, at least)
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