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Medical terminology

Skeletal System

ankly/o stiff, crooked, bent
anthr/o joint
articul/o joint
brachi/o arm
burs/o bursa
calcane/o heel
carp/o wrist
centr/o center
cephal/o head
cervic/o neck, cervix
chir/o, cheir/o hand
chondr/o cartilage
cleid/o clavicle
coccyg/o coccyx
cost/o rib
cox/o hip
crani/o skull
cubit/o elbow, forearm
dactyl/o digit, (finger or toe)
eury- wide, broad
faci/o face
femor/o femur
fibul/o fibula
geni/o chin
gnath/o jaw
gnos/o knowledge
goni/o angle
gyr/o circle, spiral
holo- entire, complete
humer/o humerus
hypsi- high
ili/o ilium
ischi/o ischium
ithy- erect, straight
kyph/o humpback
lamin/o lamina
lip/o fat
-listhesis slipping
lord/o curvature, bending
lox/o oblique, slanting
lumb/o loin
maxill/o maxilla
mega-, megalo- large
-megaly enlargement
mel/o limb, limbs
om/o shoulder
opisth/o backward, behind
oste/o bone
pan- all
patell/o patella
ped/o foot,child
pelv/i pelvis
perone/o fibula
petr/o stone, petrous region of temporal bone
phalang/o phalanges
-physis growth, growing
pod/o foot
-porosis porous, decrease in density
pub/o pubis
rachi/o spine
sacr/o sacrum
scapul/o scapula
scoli/o crooked, twisted
skelet/o skeleton
spin/o spinal cord, spine
spondyl/o vertebrae
stern/o sternum
synov/o synovia, synovia membrane
tal/o talus
tars/o talus, edge of eye lid
tibi/o tibia
vertebr/o bertebra
xiph/o sword-shaped, xiphoid
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