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Religions Section 2

World Religions: Jewish Beliefs and Texts

What is the belief in only one god? monotheism
What is the most sacred text (writing) of Judaism? the Torah
What is the name for a Jewish house of worship? synagogue
What is the name for people said to receive messages from God to be taught to others? prophets
What is the Jewish text (writing) that contains commentaries, stories, and folklore recorded to explain Jewish laws? Talmud
Which Jewish text (writing) that was written by Jews who lived about 2,000 years ago? Dead Sea Scrolls
What was different about the religion of Judaism than other religions in ancient times? Judaism is the first monotheistic religion (one god) while other ancient religions at this time were polytheistic (many gods).
What did the Jews believe about education in ancient times? Only boys studied religion with professional teachers.
Explain the Jewish beliefs of justice and righteousness. Justice is kindness and fairness in dealing with others. Righteousness is doing what is proper (right), even when others are not.
What is the most important set of Jewish laws? The Ten Commandments
What are Mosaic Laws? Mosaic Laws are the laws the Jews believe that Moses recorded a system of laws set by God. Orthodox Jews follow Mosaic Laws.
Describe the Torah. The Torah is the main sacred text of Judaism. It is made of the first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible. Out of respect, readers cannot touch it, they use a special pointer called a yad.
What are the 3 parts of the Hebrew Bible? (1) The Torah: the first 5 books (2) 8 books that describe the messages of the Jewish prophets (3) 11 books that include poetry & songs (proverbs & psalms)
What are the Commentaries? When were they written? The Commentaries are found in the Talmud. They were written to explain hard to understand laws. It was written between 200 AD and 600 AD.
Why do historians study the Dead Sea Scrolls? The Dead Sea Scrolls were found first in 1947 in a cave by the Dead Sea. Historians study them to learn about the lives of Jews at the time they were written, between 100 BC and 50 AD. They provide additional insight into the teachings of Judaism and Jewish history.
List 3 influences Judaism has had on later cultures. (1) Judaism influenced the development of Christianity, the largest religion in Western Society. (2) Judaism also influenced the the development of Islam, which believes they are descendants of Abraham. (3) Western society's laws and values are influenced by the Ten Commandments and the Sabbath (not working on weekends).
List the 4 basic beliefs of Judaism. (1) Belief in one god (2) Education and studying the religious texts is important (3) They believe in righteousness and justice (4) They believe in obedience and laws