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Bravo-Rome Republic

Did you know that pigs oink?

River on the Italian Peninsula. Tiber River
Where the Tiber River area is. Italian Peninsula
Sea that stretches 650 miles. Mediterranean Sea
What city is near the middle of the western coast. Rome
Noble that lived during the 509 B.C. Tarquin
A Roman leader that made a promise to himself. Junius Brutas
The most powerful citizens were called ___________. Patrician
All other people were called __________. Plebelian
Citizens haves the right to vote. Republic
Roman representatives served in a governing body called the __________. Senate
Each year, two patricians were chosen as ____________. Consul
Someone that has total control over the people. Dictator
People who have to meet their demands. Tribunes
A city-state in North Africa. Carthage
War that lasted nearly 120 years. Punic Wars
A Carthaginian general named _________ launched an invasion from Spain. Hannibal
Rome was saved when a general named ________ attacked Carthage. Scipio
A set of pride in one's country. Patriotism
A man that great and well power. Caesars
A man of great energy and talent. Julius Ceasars
Ruler of an empire. Emperors
Person who ruled during 27 B.C. Augustus
People called the peace of 200 years The ____ ________. Pax Romana
Who became emperor during A.D. 37. Caligula
Who followed Caligula. Claudius
Emperor that killed everyone in his family, because his mind was telling him that his family and friends were going hurt him. Nero
Out of 5 emperor he was perhaps to be the best emperor. Marcus Aurelius
The most famous Roman arena. Colosseum
The most popular event involved ____________. Gladdiators
Religion started by Jesus. Christianity
A Jewish man born in Judah. Jesus
Most of what we know about Jesus' life come from four books in the part of the bible known as the _____ ___________. New Testament
These four books are called the __________. Gospels
Jewish place to worship. Synagogues
Jesus gathered a small group and they were known as _________. Disciples
Jesus chose 12 people to help him preach and they were known as the __________. Apostles
This strengthened the belief among his followers that Jesus was the __________. Messiah
Many citizens were ______________. Persecuted
The emperor _________ made Christianity equal with other religions. Constantine
The emperor ____________ made Christianity Rome's official religion. Theodosius
He named his own son _________, to lead the empire. Commodus
Emperor introduced a number of reforms. Diocletian
The city was called New Rome, it soon became known as ___________. Constantinople
A empire that got its name come from Byzantium. Byzantine Orthodox Church
The Roman Empire is on the west of Rome. Roman Catholic Church
Created by: Kevin The Random