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Rome Republic

EOC-Rome Republic

What runs across the peninsula? Tiber River
What is on the Tiber River? Italian Peninsula
What stretches 650 miles southward into what? Mediterranean Sea
What is near the middle of the western coast is the city known as what? Rome
What Etrusan noble murdered the king and siezed power? Tarquin
Which Roman leader made a promise to himself? Junius Brutus
What were the wealthiest, most powerful citizens known as? Patricians
What were all the rest citizens? Plebeians
What is it called when the people have the right to vote? Republic
What is the Roman Representatives served in a governing body? Senate
What are officials who managed the government and the army? Consuls
What is someone who has total control over the people? Dictator
What is their demands the senate appointed men to projects the rights of the plebeians? Tribunes
What was a city-state located in North Africa ? Carthage
What was only a matter of time before Carthage and Rome fought against one another known as what? Punic War
Who launched an invasion from Spain? Hannibal
Who saved Rome when Carthage attacked? Scipio
What is a series of pride in one's country? Patriotism
Who was an ancient Rome emperor? Caesar
Who was one of the famous general? Julius Caesar
Created by: cervantesximena