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What is a citizen? Citizen It is someone in a city.
What are politics? Politics are laws
What is Aristocracy? Aristocracy It is a type of religion.
what is Salvery? Salvery It makes you have control over other people.
What is Tyranny? Tyranny is the unjust use of power.
What is a Democracy? Democracy it is a form of government.
what is Direct Democracy? Direct Democracy It is another form of government.
What is Representative Democracy? Representative Democracy It is another form of government.
What is a Halot? Halot they belong to Spartans.
What is a military state? military State its a Society organized for the purpose of waging war.
What are Barracks? Barracks They are form of levels in the millitary.
What is the Battle of Marathon? Battle of marothon it is a battle that happened between the Greek and the Persians.
What is the battle of salamas? Battle of salamas it is a fight
What is the Delian League? Delian League It is a league by the alliance
What is the pellopinisian leauge? peleponisian league it is a leaugue
What is Alexandria? Alexandria Its a city
What is Hellinistic? hellinistic its a culture
What is Polytheism? Polytheismit is another type of religion.
What is Mythology? Mythology collection of myths or stories.
What are the Olympic Games? Olympic Games they are games on tournements.
What is Socratic Method? Socratic Method form of teaching where teacher asks questions
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