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Chapter 22

French Revolution World History

Causes of the French Revolution financial crisis, ideas of liberty, enlightenment, extravagance of the monarchy
Old Regime three estates or social classes of France
1st Estate clergy
2nd Estate nobility
3rd Estate consisted of the middle class, urban workers, peasants, these individuals owned little land but paid the bulk of taxes
bourgeoisie middle class
Tennis Court Oath promise to create a new constitution for France
National Assembly first acts of the Revolution in creating a representative government and limiting the power of the king
Bastille prison and armory in Paris that was attacked on July 14, 1789 to get weapons and gunpowder today celebrated in France as a national holiday
Great Fear fear spread from Paris to the countryside & believing nobles would terrorize peasants they burned down manor homes
Why did the women of Paris attack at Versailles to force the king and queen back to Paris and to demand bread
Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen statement of the rights to liberty, property, freedom of speech and religion
What did the National Convention do? deposed the king and declared France a republic
What happened to King Louis XVI? beheaded by the guillotine
Radical leader of the Jacobins who became a dictator? Maximilien Robspierre
Reign of Terror period of time in which the Committee of Public Safety would round up traitors or counter revolutionist and execute them
Who did the Directory name as the general of France's army? Napoleon Bonaparte
effect of the Revolution more ideas of liberty and equality, growth of nationalism, and future revolutions
Where was Napoleon born? Corsica
Why was Napoleon popular because he was a successful and respected military leader
Where was Napoleon finally defeated? Battle of Waterloo
One of Napoleon's most costly mistakes was the invasion of what nation? Russia
Continental System designed by Napoleon to create economic pressure on Britain by not allowing any British made goods to reach Europe, designed to weaken Britain
What area outside of Europe was Napoleon able to conquer? Egypt
While crossing what mountain range did king Louie's troops desert him and join Napoleon upon his return the Alps
What two countries engage in war with Revolutionary France? Austria and Prussia
Why was the enlightenment important? taught people to question authority and question the status quo
Robespierre believed what was dangerous and consequently shut down many of its holy structures religion (Christianity, Catholics)
What did Napoleon crown himself as? Emperor
What is universal male suffrage? all adult men have the right to vote
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