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Land areas are called? subcontinent.
How tall is mount everest? 29,035 feet in the sky.
How long does moonsoon season last. lastest from jun through september.
what are flat plain called? Indo-Gangetic plain.
people subists or live on, the food they grow is called? subsisitence farming.
What does the indus river valley count on? The plain in Pakistan.
what is the region called? Deccan plateau.
What were Harappa and mohenjo-Daro to the people? they were home to thousands and peoples.
What is Sanskrit? A different language.
What is a other name for Vedas? books of knowledge.
What are Brahmans? teachers and priest.
What are Sudra other name? serfs.
What is cyrus ll? founder of the Persian Empire?
What did darius l do after cyrus? Brougfht the persian empire to india.
When did Ashoka take over? 270 b.c.
What is hinduism? the main reliogon in india.
what is the oldest of which blank? Rig veda.
What are brahma? Hindus recognized only one universe sal being
What is reincarnation? the process through which a person goes on from one life to the next.
What is caste? A member of a social group into he or she is born in.
Where is Buddhism is spread throughout? India, throughout east and southeast of Asia.
What is the Buddha? The man who became the buddha was boring during this period.
What is bodh gaya? A tree near a town.
What is enlightenment? stressed peop,e, not just priest, could achieve enlightenment.
What is Buddhism based on? Four nobles truth.
What did buddhists also believe in? Eight fold path.
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