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150072 Egypt Cards

How did Egyptions learn to make medicine? By making mummies(studying the body)
The Nile begins with two seperate rivers what were they called? White Nile and the Blue Nile
What are cataracts? wild rapids
What did the Egyptians use the Nile for? drank, bathed, farmed, cleaned
What is a delta? an area of fertile soil
What is to the west of the Nile Valley? Sahara Dessert
What is to the east of the Nile Valley? Eastern Dessert
Cataracts, delta marshes, and desserts did what for Egypt? They helped keep out enemies
Name the two bodies of water that helped Egypt trade with people? Medditerannean Sea and Red Sea
List 3 things that the Egyptians grew? wheat, flax seeds, barley
What material is made out ofo flax seeds? linen
Name the reason Egyptians woar white? they didn't know how to die
Because Egytians wore white how did they include color in their wardrobe? they wore necklaces, bracelets, pendents, and all sorts of jewelry
Describe Egypt's method of irrigation basins and canals
what is a shadoof? bucket attatched to a long pole to lift water from the Nile to thier basins
List 3 items Egyptians made of papyrus before paper? baskets, sandals, river rafts
what were scribes? carved hieroglyphics on walls and monuments
Where do you think Egypt got ideas about writing and government? Mesopotamia
Name two things Egyptian governments did? settled arguments, built and maintained irrigation systems
Who werwe the earliest rulers? village chiefs
Who unified the two kingdoms? Narmer
What did Narmer war to symbolize the 2 kingdoms unity? double crown- white and red
what is a dynasty line of rulers from one family
How many dynasties ruled egypt? 31
What did mothers teach thier daughters to do? sew, cook, and run a household
What are dieties? gods
Who was Re? sun god
Who was Hapri? god of the Nile
Who was Isis? god of women
Whom was Isis married to? Osiris
Whom was Osiris? god of the dead
What are the steps of embalming? remove organs, cover in natron, fill with spices and stitch closed, clean wiht oils, and wrap in linen
The entrance of each pyramid faced which direction? north
Who was the great pyramid built for? Khufu
How many pyramids are standing in Giza? 3
The middle kingdom was Egypt's what? golden age
What are forced payments called? tributes
The Hyskos were invaders from where? west asia
Who was the ruler of the new kingdom? Ahmose
Hatshepsut was the first? female leader
What is insence? a material burned for it's pleasant smell
Where is Hatshepsut's temple located? valley of kings
Was Hatshepsut more interested in conquering other nations or trade? trade
Was slavery common before ThutemoseIII became leader? no
Did slaves have some rights? yes
What began to happen when Akhenaton began to reject his duties? Thier empire began to shrink
How old was Tutankhamen when he became Pharoh? 10 years old
RamseesII was not only popular with the ladies he also was... he was a major builder and battler
Name three groups that conquered Egypt? Kush, Libysans, and Assyrians
Nubia was also called? Kush
Where was Nubia-Kush located? south of Egypt
Nubians were good with bow and arrow which means they were good at hunting and war
The capitol city of the Kushites is? Napata
What did the Assyrians teach the Kushite to do? make iron
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