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WHAT IS CHINA it is the largest country in Asia
what is loses it is yellowish brown soil that blows in the desert
what is terrace it is a platform of earth that looks like stairs
what is Beijing it's the country's capital
the Huang river it cuts trough the north china plains
what is levee it is walled between it's river bank
where is Guangxi Zhungzu It is in the west and east
what is double cropping farmers in this region use a cultivation system
where is Tibetan Platean it is in the north and south
what is an pictograph is a pictures that represents words
shang dynasty it began between 1760 and 1500 b.c.
what is an bronze age it was the period during which tools and weapons were made of bronze
when did Zhou dynasty started in 1027 b.c.
when did the silk road started in the second century
when did the qin dynasty started in 221 b.c.
when did the han dynasty start in in the 220 b.c.
who is wu di he ruled 141-87 b.c. under his reign
what is civil service is practice of using skills and talents to work in the government
what is oracle bones it commonly used during the shang dynasty to predict the future
who id shi huangdi he was the first emperor under qin dynasty
why was the great wall built for it was built to protect the empire from northern invaders
what is an middleman is people who go between buyers and sellers
who is Confucius he was a teacher in china
what is a book of documents it is an revived older Zhou texts
what is Analects it is an collection of sayings by Confucius that were written down by his students
what is Confucianism it's a sense of humility and respect for the family
what is Daoism it is the belief in finding the ''way'' or the dao , of the universe
who is laozi he was the first great teacher of Daoism and taught before Confucius
when did the Sui dynasty started and ended 581-618 b.c.
when did the tang dynasty started it started in 618 b.c.
who was Wu Hou he was an empress he came to power in the early years of the tang dynasty
when did the song dynasty started and ended it started in 960 b.c. and ended in 1279 b.c
when did the
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