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What is china? China is the largest country in Asia.
What is loess? Yellowish brown soil.
What is a terrace? Platforms of earth that look like stairs.
What is The Huang river? A river that cuts through the north china plain.
What is the north china plain? A plain that is heavily populated.
What is a levee? A wall within a river.
What is Beijing? The country's capital.
What are Guangxi Zhuangzi ? Warm waters of the gulf.
What is double cropping? When you grow two crops in the same land.
What is the tibetan plateau ? a rocky place were you can see mountain ranges.
What are pictographs? pictures that represent words.
What is shang dynasty? a group of people.
What is the bronze age? were people made weapons bronze.
What is zhou dynasty? is a group that lasted 800 years.
What is mandate date? Where they govern people.
What is silk? A thread.
What is a silk road? A road that went more than one route.
What is Qin dynasty? A ruler that was divided into 36 provinces.
What is han dynasty ? A ruler that began in 206 B.C and ended 220 A.D
Who is Wu Di? A ruler who ruled 141-87 B.C
What is a civil service? A practice where they use Vtalents to work in the government.
What are oracle bones? Things that they use the to predict the future.
Who is Shi Huangi ? The first emperor.
What is the great wall ? A wall used to protect.
What are middlemen ? people who are used to sell or buy stuff.
Who is Confucius ? A emperor known as Kung Fuzi .
What is the book of documents ? A book written into by Confucius.
What are Analects ? Sayings by Confucius.
What is Confucianism ? A way of thinking after Confucius died .
What is daoism ? Is a belief of finding the way.
Who is Laozi? The first teacher of Daoism.
What is Sui dynasty ? A dynasty that reunited the country.
What is tang dynasty? One of china's greatest dynasty's
Who is Wu Hou? China's first female ruler.
What is song dynasty? A dynasty that established a strong central rule.
Who is Genghis khan? A universal ruler.
Who is Kublai khan? A ruler who conquered southern china.
What is yuan dynasty? A non Chinese ruler.
What is Ming dynasty A dynasty that ruler over 100 million people.
What is Beijing? A forbidden city.
Created by: GonzalezJoseA